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  • The games have begun - Février 2006

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    What has happened ?
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    Play games
    Game 1
    Game 2
    Game 3

  • Records (superlative forms) - Février 2006

    Read the article on the official site of the Olympic Games
    First record broken at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin : the age of the oldest competitor has risen from 53 to 54. Scott Baird, a member of the US curling team at the Turin Games, has dethroned James Coates. Coates took part in the skeleton competitions at the St Moritz Games in 1948 when he was 53. Beating her own record The oldest woman is still Anne Abernathy, also American, who already held the women’s record in Salt (...)

  • Torino - Février 2006

    The winter Olympic Games 2006
    The Olympic flag
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    The games in Torino
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    Where were the Olympic Games held ?
    When were they held ?
    How many sports were there ?
    How many venues were there ?
    How many athletes were there ?
    When were the first winter Olympic Games held ?
    Where were they held ?
    Winter sports
    Look at the site and write the names of the sports. (...)