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  • "The problem we all live with" by Norman Rockwell - Mars 2011

    Describing a picture
    Revise the vocabulary
    Look at the following site
    Answer the questions
    What sort of document is it ?
    What’s the title of the document ?
    What’s the name of the painter ?
    Who are the characters ?
    Describe them ?
    Imagine where the girl is going ?
    Imagine what the other people think ? What can you say about their feelings ?(Look at the wall behind the girl !)
    What does this situation refer to ? (Where ? When ? Who ? What ?)
    III] (...)

  • The Jim Crow Laws - Janvier 2010

    Look at the following article of Wikipedia and find out what the "Jim Crow Laws" deal with. When and where were they enacted ? What did the Jim Crow Laws mean ? Give some examples of segregation in those days. When were these laws declared anticonstitutional ?
    Look at the pictures and write a sentence with could, couldn’t, had to 1 Black people ... 2 Black people ... 3 Black children (...)

  • Black history month links - Janvier 2007

    A timeline : http://www.infoplease.com/spot/bhmtimeline.html
    Remembering Martin Luther King :http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/news/story/0,6260,193818,00.html
    Remembering Rosa Parks : http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/magazines/story/0,6277,1124565,00.html

  • A historic decision - Janvier 2006

    In Topeka, Kansas, USA, in 1951, an eight-year-old girl named Linda Brown had to walk a long way to school. There was another school nearer to her school, but it was reserved for white children, and Linda was black.
    All over America then, there were schools for white children and schools for black children. They were supposed to be "seperated but equal". In reality, they were seperated, but not equal. Black schools were usually poorer and dirtier. They didn’t have many books or teachers. (...)

  • A historic decision. Questions - Janvier 2006

    1) Look at the photograph.
    Who can you see ?
    What do the people look like ?
    How do they look ?
    2) Read the document.
    Where ?
    When ?
    What was the problem ?
    What did the girl’s parents want ?
    What did the Supreme court decide ?
    A historic decision

  • Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement - Janvier 2006

    Reading comprehension
    Listening comprehension :
    Listen to one of MLK’s famous speeches : "I have a dream"