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  • Geoffrey - Novembre 2005

    My name is Geoffrey.I live in St Sebastien.I have one brother.I like playing video games and I like listening to music.I don’t like doing my homework,it is boring.My favourite subject is Geography.

  • Ryan Saad - Novembre 2005

    Hello,my name is Ryan.I’m thirteen years old.
    I live in la bonneville.
    I love playing basket-ball with my friends.
    I love pizza and chicken.I often watch tv (nba+).
    I have one little brother, his name is Matis,he is nine years old.
    I hate cherries and watching French football,it’s very boring.
    I love listening to music.
    I hate rock music.
    I play basket-ball four times a week.
    I play in ALM EVREUX it’s a very great club.
    I love all the sports !!!!
    BYE (...)

  • xavier coponet - Novembre 2005

    Hello !
    My name is Xavier. I live in Arnières sur Iton( next to Evreux).
    My father is a mechanics and my mother is an ingeneer. I have got 1 brother and 1 sister. My brother’s 12 and my sister’s 10.
    I love playing video games and I hate doing my homework.

  • Lucie - Novembre 2005

    Hello !
    My name is Lucie. I am thirteen and I live in St sebastien de Morsent. It’s a little village next to Evreux. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is older than my sister. I’ve one cat and one goldfish.
    I like playing the clarinet but I hate sport because it’s not fun. I have never been to England but I would like to go there.

  • marjorie - Novembre 2005

    I am marjorie. I am thirteen years old. I live in St Sébastien de Morsent.I have got one brother and I have got two pets (a cat and a dog).I love handball and I like riding a horse.
    I am crazy about eating ice-cream.I don’t like football.

  • Thomas le prado - Novembre 2005

    My name is Thomas Le Prado. I’m thirteen years old.
    I live in la Bonneville/Iton. I’ve got two little brothers,their names are Matthieu and Samuel.
    I play football in Evreux AC,I like it because it’s fun.
    I love pizza and apples but I hate lemon.
    I listen to music.

  • Charles Arrighi - Novembre 2005

    My name is Charles. I live in St Sébastien.I have two brothers, Pierre and Robin. On wednesdays I do rollerblades. My favourite subject is history because I like mythology. I hate Latin.

  • Paul - Novembre 2005

    hello, my name is Paul, I am thirteen
    I live in Arnieres sur Iton .
    I have one older brother his name is baptiste he is seventeen
    I love listening to music .
    I love strawberries , chocolate and coca cola .
    My favourite group is ac/dc and led zeppelin .

  • Morgane - Novembre 2005

    Hello !!
    I’m morgane !!I’m 13.I have 1 sister and one brother,Alice ,and nicolas. They are 10 and 14 years old .
    I live in aulnay sur iton.
    I have got 1 dog Polka,one cat:Vénus and 2 kittens:Vainé and shrek,they are so cute !
    My parents are lawyers.
    I’m fond of basket balls,I like animals,ice cream,food,to go out with my friends,fruit.I don’t like American football,lyers, school, snakes, spiders because they are disgusting (...)

  • sophie - Novembre 2005

    I’m sophie !
    I am 12 years old. I live in st sebastien de morsent(Evreux).
    I have got a sister, her name is Laure ; she is 14 years old !
    Laure is very very boring but she is nice.
    I have got a cat, his name is elliot. He is BIG
    I like the life,ice cream , my family and my friends !!!
    I am fond of dancing,I don’t like snakes because they are disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Romain - Novembre 2005

    Hello my name is romain,I’m 13 and I’m tall. I have one brother. His name is Quentin. My father’s name is olivier and my mother’s name is Nathalie. I’m fond of basket ball and I enjoy playing the guitare.I like using a gun for competitions.

  • Laurie - Novembre 2005

    My name is Laurie Martin . I’m 13 years old . I’m French and I live in Evreux . I’m tall and slim . I have got long blond wavy hair .
    I have got 3 half-sisters. I have got one cat and two hamsters .
    I’m crazy about horses. I do horseriding every sunday .

  • Simon - Novembre 2005

    My name is Simon. I’m thirteen years old. I am French and I live in arnieres sur Iton in the north of FRANCE. I have got one brother.
    I love playing football with my friends. I play football in the team of Evreux. I am good at it.
    I like playing videogames and reading. I haven’t got any pets.

  • Marc - Novembre 2005

    Hello, my name is Marc and I’m twelve.I live in Bonneville/Iton.I have one brother.His name is Romain and he is sixteen.My friends are Simon,Benjamin and Steven.
    They are thirteen.

  • Eva - Novembre 2005

    Hello !!! My name is Eva. I’m 13 . I live in Arniére. I have a sister . Her name is Lorye .She is 3. I like animals and nature.I have a dog and a fish.I love reading and listening to music.I like pizza and hamburgers but I don’t like fish . My best friend is Marine .She is very talkative .

  • manon - Novembre 2005

    My name is Manon, I’m 12 years old .
    I have one brother , he is 10 years old .
    I like pizza and ice-cream because it’s yummy .
    I hate mushrooms, they are disgusting .
    I live in Evreux , in France . I’m in collège de Navarre , in 4D .
    I do gymnastic on Wesnesdays, it is cool .

  • fanny - Novembre 2005

    My name is Fanny.I am thirteen years old.I have one brother.He is nine years old. He likes football. He is very talkative.My favourite sport is handball.I have a dog.I like my best friend.I like music sport and babies.

  • Laura - Novembre 2005

    My name is laura.I’m twelve years old.I live in France. I have one brother. He is twenty years old and he lives in Canada in montréal. I have two sisters, they are six and heighteen years old.I do Frenchboxing. My hobby is fashion later I want to be a stylist.I have a cat. Her name is minette.I love the USA. My best friend is Liz.my favourite music is US rap and hard rock.I love travelling. I have been to Canada,the Baleares and Greece.I love going to town with my (...)