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Draw your own superhero and describe him/her.


  • Superheroes 2007 - Mars 2007

    Après avoir étudié une vidéo sur la famille "Incredible", voici quelques réalisations des élèves de 6A.

  • My superhero - Novembre 2006

    His name is Elecktro. He lives in the forest. He is intelligent, cunningand nice. He can stetch, fly and run quickly. Her name is Super Lulu. She is nice. She can fly. His name is Geoffrey. He can be invisible and he can fly. He can stretch and carry a car. He lives in Spain. He is sexy. Her name is Super Girl. She is intelligent, pretty and nice. SHe has got a red and black suit. SHe can fly, jump and kill enemies. She wants to unharm the planet. Her name is Tiger Woman. She (...)