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  • Philippa the English Assistant - Mars 2005

    My name is Philippa Tetley and I am from Auckland New Zealand. I live on a farm in the country.
    I am a postgraduate student and a contemporary jeweller. I have one older brother called John and and one younger sister who is named Wendy.
    I have one dog who is called Rosie.
    I also have a cat called Callisto.
    Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand and there are lots of beaches. I go swimming alot as I live right next to the beach. I also spend time studying and working on my art. (...)

  • School in New Zealand and France - Mars 2005

    Hello, my name is Philippa Tetley I am the English assistant for the College de Navarre in Evereux. I started working in the college in October and I finish in the end of April. I have really been enjoying my time at the school all the students and teachers are very friendly and hard working. I have been working closely with the european classes and have been impressed by there abilities and work ethics.
    I am from New Zealand where it is sunny and hot. Our schools are very different (...)

  • philippa - Mars 2005

    In New Zealand Christmas is in summer so we usually have a barbecue or a picnic on Christmas day. My family have a tree with presents under it and we have a big lunch usually consisting of chicken and turkey and potatoes and salad and such and for dessert we usually have christmas pudding with cream and icecream and custard and we have strawberries and Christmas cake too. Most of our meals for the next few days are Christmas (...)