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  • Plane crash in New York - Janvier 2010

    Plane crash in New York
    Read the text and do the interactive activities
    Listen to the document and fill in the grid
    Listen, classify and repeat the words.
    Do you hear /i/ or /ai/ ? /i/ /ai
    Get ready to speak about this event !

  • Wearing a uniform - Novembre 2009

    Revise the vocabulary : http://www.soundguideweb.com/soundguide/spip.php?article100&lang=en
    Describe this uniform
    Click on the site of the school to find out what girls wear.
    Listen to the document and fill in the sheet given by your teacher.
    Listen to the extracts and say if those arguments are for or against uniforms. PROS CONS
    Are you in favour of wearing a uniform ? Explain why or why not.
    Then, get ready to record your opinion on an MP3 (...)

  • Listen to the news - activity 2 - Novembre 2009

    Look at the following picture
    Now listen to this document Name of the newsreader : Source : Date : Topic : Listen and write as many words as you can.
    Sum up what you have understood.
    Listen to the extracts and fill in the sheet.
    Get ready to speak about the document.

  • The news 1st activity 24/september /09 - Septembre 2009

    24th September
    Listen to the document and try to find out about the date, the source and the main topic of the document.

  • Listen ! - Septembre 2007

    Listen to the News bulletin for kids on the site : Newsround (BBC for children)
    or go the site http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/ and click on "Listen to our radio bulletin"
    Listen to the news on BBC Learning : http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/newsenglish/
    Don’t forget you can listen to the news on the radio GO (...)