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  • Favourite sport - Avril 2010

    Listen to the document
    Name the sports you heard
    Match the sports to the names of the people who like those sports Names Sports
    Find out some reasons why they like those sports
    What about you ? Explain what sport you prefer and why.
    II/ Click on the link and play the games
    A/ British council
    B/ What do you need to do those sports ?
    Then, write the things you need to
    Go ice-skating
    Play football
    Now find the English for …
    Maillot de bain
    Lunettes (...)

  • Rugby World cup - Août 2007

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    Rugby World cup
    1) Short story writing, comic strips, interviews and more ! Writing skills - prétérit simple, connecteurs, narration, discours direct etc.
    2) Ads 1 2
    3) A webquest (reading)
    4) Learn about the game here (speaking - explain the game to someone who has never seen the game)