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  • Wales - Mars 2010

    Click here http://lewebpedagogique.com/cclavel/files/2008/02/webquest-on-wales.doc and do the webquest.

  • Wales - Août 2006

    1) Click here and print the Welsh flag. Read and colour.
    2) Click here and print the map. Then, add the capital of Wales in the correct place.Help is here ! (It’s the star town !)
    3) Click here and read about Wales’s patron saint. Then, answer these questions.
    a) What is the name of the patron saint of Wales ?
    b) Where was he born ?
    c) When was he born ?
    d) Describe his personality.
    e) What vegetable is linked to Wales ? Draw (...)

  • Scotland - Août 2006

    (reading, writing, speaking)
    1) Click on the link and print out the outline map.
    2) Click here to see a map of Scotland. Then mark the Capital and two other big towns on your printed out map.
    3) Click here and print out the compass rose. Then complete it.
    4) Complete the grid below : Position (...)

  • Ireland - Août 2006

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    (Print out this worksheet and complete it with a pen or complete it online and then print it.)
    1) Print, read and colour the map. (enchanted learning)
    2) Print, read and colour the flag. (enchanted learning)
    3) Read and answer the following (...)

  • England - Août 2006

    1) Click here and print out the map.
    2) Click here and click on each town to complete the following sentences.
    a) The ________________, a famous pop group were from ___________________ in the __________- east of England.
    b) _________________ is where _____________, a famous writer was born. You can visit his house.
    c) The _______________ _______________ is 215 miles long !
    d) _______________________ is famous for (...)

  • British Isles - Août 2006

    The British Isles
    The British Isles.
    1) The British Isles (Académie de Rouen)
    2) UK map (British council)
    3) UK map 2 (British council)
    4) England quiz (learnenglish.org)
    5) British Isles quiz (Renée Maufroid)
    6) UK monuments and places (British council)
    7) A hangman (pendu) game (Renée Maufroid)
    8) UK webquest (académie Nancy Metz)
    9) Geography & civilisation (...)

  • British Isles interactive activities - Septembre 2005

    British Isles activity one British Isles activity two England Quiz

  • 100 questions about Great Britain answered - Septembre 2007

    Great Britain
    100 questions answered about Great Britain: interesting facts about school, food, the monarchy etc.