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  • EASTER - Avril 2010

    First, open the document below and do the webquest,
    Click on the rabbit !

  • Christmas - Décembre 2009

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    Vocab 1
    Christmas words
    A song
    A webquest

  • Xmas - Novembre 2009

    What do British people do on Christmas day ?
    Look at the following site : http://www.history.com/content/christmas/christmas-around-the-world
    Here is a link to the video "Mr Bean’s Christmas"
    Which symbols of Xmas did you see ?
    Print the following quiz and answer the questions

  • St Patrick’s day - Mars 2009

    Click on the link and answer the questions.
    When do people celebrate St Patrick’s day ?
    Where do people celebrate St Patrick’s day ?
    What do people do on that day ?
    Who was St Patrick ?
    Who are "Leprechauns" ?
    Game : quiz
    More games : more games
    A webquest : Try this webquest
    Another webquest :What about this one ?

  • Thanksgiving 2 - Novembre 2006

    Choose a webquest

  • Thanksgiving - Octobre 2006

    The history of Thanksgiving
    Click on the link and watch the movie
    Oral comprehension : Training activities.
    Click on the linkand on "Turkey for Thanksgiving". Then listen and take notes in your copybook.

  • Guy Fawkes Night / Bonfire Night - Octobre 2006

    If you want to learn about Bonfire Night, click here

  • Halloween 3 - Octobre 2006

    Halloween 3

  • Halloween 2 - Octobre 2006

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    1) Learn some vocabulary
    2) More words1 ; 2 ; 3
    3) Sing and learn the parts of the body

  • Halloween - Octobre 2006

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    Halloween niveau A2
    Learn the vocabulary
    Remember !
    Play a game : Find out all the objects in the haunted house. Be careful it is spooky !
    Watch, play and write the poem.
    Click on the following site . Look and listen.
    Gap-fill exercise
    Halloween niveau B1
    Vocabulary : click on the link , then click on (...)

  • Christmas webquests 6ème & 5ème - Décembre 2005

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    A Christmas webquest Webquest 2 Webquest 3

  • Guy Fawkes - Novembre 2005

    < !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> When is Guy Fawkes’ Day ? Was Guy Fawkes Protestant or Catholic ? Who was King of England at the timme of Guy Fawkes ? Was he Protestant or Catholic ? Where was he from ? What did Guy Fawkes and his friend plotters want to blow up ? Were they successful ? Explain.(first paragraph) What were the consequences for Guy Fawkes ? What is the name for the night of Guy (...)

  • Halloween 5ème - Octobre 2005

    Vous avez besoin de votre fiche de travail pour compléter cette tache.
    < !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> MATCH THE WORDS TO THE CORRECT PICTURE.Help ! Mummy pumpkin zombie vampire monster witch werewolf (werewolves) skeleton ghost spider black cat FIND (...)